Class of 2017!

What a year! Well done for all you have achieved. We are all immensely proud of you. Work hard, stay focussed, have fun and don’t be afraid to follow your dreams.

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River Systems

In Geography, we have been learning all about the water cycle and river systems. After researching the upper, middle and lower course of a river, the children demonstrated their learning by building their own river systems on Mine-craft.

Take a look below! Well done 11D.

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Building Bridges

In collective worship this week, we reflected on how we could build our own bridges over troubled waters, in light of recent national and global events.

What would we build our bridge out of? Why?

What personal characteristics would we need to display? 

When might it be challenging to be a bridge?

How could we overcome these challenges together?

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SAT Timetable

Year 6- here is the timetable for your up-coming assessments in May. Keep working hard and trying your best. We are all incredibly proud of you and your amazing effort. Any questions about your revision, areas you want to go over, or suggestions for revision boosters, just post them below. Mrs Daly

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Where is Nettles Lupin?

This week, 11D have been investigating the disappearance of Nettles Lupin. She was last seen entering Fulton Wood, wearing a red riding cloak- given to her by her father. Additionally, her grandmother, Catherine Lupin has been viciously killed by- what an eye witness believes- to be a wolf. Read our amazing reports, in role as the Coroner…

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Robin Wood Residential

Year 6 loved their residential trip to Robin Wood! They pushed themselves out of their comfort zones, and it was fantastic to see such a great resilience and team spirit! More photographs to follow…


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Three Wise Women

This week, the whole school read the wonderful story of the Three Wise Women. In 11B, we  memorised the story and created our own re-tellings in pairs using only picture prompts to help us. We also had a visit from Mr Babbs – our school governor. We researched inspirational women and created 5 minute talks in groups of three, using PowerPoint to create presentations to support our talks. We loved finding out about some amazing women from history to present day.

We hope you enjoy listening to some of our re-tellings below. 









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Remembrance Day

Today, 11B wrote different forms of poetry as we reflected on the bravery of those who have fought for our country. This week, we also thought about the feelings of those family members who were left behind. We wrote and performed dialogues between multiple characters, inspired by our novel-  War Game by Michael Foreman. Here are some examples of our work (more to follow…)





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Endurance week and much more…

Such fantastic work from 11B last half term- from coaching and mentoring in maths, independent writing, to superb art work and movie trailers, the children really have given 100% effort with some great results. 

Here are some snapshots…

IMG_4827 IMG_4828 IMG_4829 IMG_4830 IMG_4831 IMG_4832

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Sur Le Pont D’Avignon by 11B

11B enjoyed performing this traditional French song – we hope you enjoy watching our performance too! 

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